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Camp Habitat Online Homeowner Services Intensive- Nov. 16th

10am-11am, presented by Laine Staton, Robin Barrett, Robert McLeod, Orange County HFH

11am-12pm, presented by Antoinette Boskey – Chadwick, Craven County HFH

Learn how Habitat Craven is implementing a quality of life framework in their community as part of their Neighborhood Revitalization Program. We will discuss partnerships and how we’re working with other organizations and individuals, as well as the real-life applications of this framework in the communities we are serving.

12pm-12:30pm, presented by Brenda Weaver, of Community Ventures

1pm-2pm, presented by Andrew Isola, Catawba Valley HFH

We have all had complete strangers burst into tears on the phone or in front of us. Or clients get extremely angry with us. Or homeowners go through terrible and wonderful life events. We often get to witness some of the highest and lowest moments of people‚Äôs lives, but many of us have little training on how to emotionally support people in these situations. This panel discussion on Pastoral Care for Homeowner Services staff will offer some information on the basic dos and don’ts of pastoral care/counseling. While Homeowner Services cannot and should not take the place of a mental health professional or counseling service, it’s important to have a plan for what to do when we enter into an emotionally charged situation.

Panel members:
Rev. Sandi Hood – Director of Community Relations – Carolina Caring
Rev. Dr. Christy Lohr Sapp – Pastor – St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, Hickory, NC
Rev. Jill V. Isola – Pastor – Northminster Presbyterian Church, Hickory, NC

Trigger warning: Discussion at this event may involve mental health, death or dying, pregnancy/childbirth, abusive situations, self-harm, and/or drug use.

2pm-3pm, facilitated by Ashley Pearson, Habitat NC, and AmyJo Westbrooks, Brunswick County HFH

Different organizations do things their own way. This roundtable discussion will give Homeowner Services personnel an opportunity to discuss their policies and procedures with each other so that we can learn from each other. Sharing knowledge in this way helps us grow and improve, as we find new ways to serve our homeowners.