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Habitat for Humanity of North Carolina Mortgage Services

Package I: Document Preparation

Package Includes:

  • Loan Estimate (LE)
  • Uniform Residential Loan Application (Fannie Mae Form 1003)
  • 23 federal and state required disclosures
  • Document delivery to homeowner (additional $25)
  • Document disclosure with homeowner (additional $25)

Cost of service: $400 per closing package. For rush processing (3 days or less) add $100.

Package II: Underwriting and Document Preparation

Package Includes:

  • Preliminary application review
  • Background check
  • Credit check
  • Employment verification
  • Rental history verification
  • Nationwide civil search
  • OFAC search
  • Judgment search

Cost of service: $150 per application.

Package III: Mortgage Verification and Analysis

Package Includes:

  • Risk assessment and borrower analysis
  • Determination of borrower’s ability to meet minimum requirements for home loan
  • Affordability Calculation
  • Financial Overview Analysis

Cost of service: $300 per file.

Package IV: Loan package consultation

Affiliates needing one-on-one consultations may utilize this service to get answers to specific issues relating to homeowner services, mortgage paperwork, analysis of applicant files, and Calyx software. This service is best suited to affiliates who prefer to complete their own loan packages but need assistance with understanding elements of the process.

Consultations are held via telephone and email at the following rates:

$35 per half hour (or part thereof) for dues-paying affiliates*

$75 per half hour (or part thereof) for non-dues-paying affiliates*

*Dues paying affiliates are those who contribute dues to the SSO based on new construction ($250), rehab ($150), and repair ($50) on a quarterly basis.

Compliant loan process training:

Habitat NC will facilitate trainings geared towards teaching you the process of completing a federally compliant mortgage loan package.

During the trainings you’ll learn:

  • Timeframes, triggers and trends as they relate to TRID.
  • The essential forms that meet compliance standards for Federal regulations and how to complete them.
  • Which Habitat forms create a compliant mortgage and how to complete them.
  • How to create a streamlined underwriting and document preparation process that increases productivity and efficiency.

Training dates and rates will be announced through the Habitat NC newsletter and on our website as they become available.