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Brunswick County Habitat for Humanity receives Champion Award

On Thursday, February 25, Brunswick County Habitat for Humanity received the Champion Award from the Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Coalition. The award recognizes those who have been champions, trailblazers, or visionaries in the area of environmental stewardship and who have exemplified extraordinary commitment and vision for environmental practices, programs, issues, development or design.

The award acknowledges the efforts of Brunswick County Habitat to incorporate Low Impact Design techniques into the landscapes of Habitat home owners. Begun in the fall of 2014 as a partnership with the North Carolina Coastal Federation and managed by Habitat Landscape Coordinator Linda Rudick, the program addresses storm-water management issues at Habitat houses. Solutions include installing rain barrels, native plants, rain gardens and permeable surfaces for driveways and walkways. By controlling run-off into area waterways, Habitat is able to reduce storm-water pollution and protect sensitive areas such as marshes and estuaries.

The North Carolina Coastal Federation is the state’s only non-profit organization focused exclusively on protecting and restoring the coast of North Carolina through education, advocacy and habitat restoration and preservation.

Brunswick County Habitat is a Christian housing ministry whose vision is a world where everyone, everywhere has a decent place to live. BCHFH has completed 54 houses in Brunswick County with carefully selected families who are in need of safe affordable housing.

The Lower Cape Fear Stewardship Development Coalition is a 501 C 3 nonprofit with a governing council consisting of county and state agencies, businesses and administrative agencies. They annually recognize development projects that demonstrate outstanding stewardship through the protection, conservation, improvement, and awareness of our natural resources.

For more information about Brunswick County Habitat for Humanity or to find out how you can become involved in an upcoming project, contact BCHFH at 910-454-0007.